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Christchurch Location Portrait Photography

Outdoor location portraits are a great way to remember your family and are a favourite for those people wanting colour from nature, earthy tones and love being in the outdoors. People choose to be photographed in an outdoor environment because a particular place invokes nostalgic memories for your family or just because those are the seasonal or location colours that will look great on the wall in your home.  

Where can we get our photographs taken?

There are many gorgeous places in and around Christchurch which work beautifully for family portraits. Popular locations are the many Christchurch parks and garden areas which change colours with the seasons, the open space of beach with the water and the dunes,  the long grasses and views of the Port Hills, the soft willows and ruggard textures of the Canterbury rivers. Family farms are always a favourite with the textures of old sheds, fences, fields and the sense of place and history for generations. 

We can have a chat and choose a location which best represents your family and what's important to you. 

What time of the day can we book a photo session? 

The best time for outdoor location portrait sessions is in the 'golden hour' which is in the last hour before sunset. The time of the year will depend on what time portrait sessions will be done. If you have little ones, the best time is when day light savings has changed and sunset is earlier in the evening. Autumn, Winter and early Spring sessions range between 4pm and 6pm. If you have older children/teenagers the Summer months are perfect and fit best if your family are not available until after dinner time. Sessions in summer range between 7pm and 9pm.

What if the weather is bad?

We keep a close eye on the weather and most of the time sessions will go ahead and have weather which works beautifully. If your session falls on a day with terrible weather, we will be in touch and can reschedule to another date.

Can we bring extended family members?

Yes, why not make the most of your photography session by involving grandparents, siblings and their families, Aunties and Uncles and the family dog. The photo session will become a bit longer with more combinations, but it will be a heap of fun to get everyone together. Please let us know the size of your group, relationships and ages when booking. We like to be as prepared as we can be for your session.

There is an extra session fee of $10 per person once groups get larger than 6 people. Extended family members can come along to the viewing & ordering appointment if they would also like to see and purchase images for themselves. Probably best to leave the family dog at home for this though!


Get in touch and we can have a chat about what you want in a beautiful photography session for you and your family.