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Your Children – Connect with them, Celebrate with them, Dream with them….

Any stage of your child’s life is important and significant. Popular times for Parents and Grandparents to have Artworks created of their children are – leaving preschool, starting school, birthdays, graduating a school level such as Junior School to Intermediate, starting High-school, finishing and achieving exams, school balls/dances, graduating High-school, starting University, moving away from the family home, going overseas, getting a first job. There may be other significant moments or events when you want to celebrate and remember your children.

There is much current research which says children feel a sense of belonging and positive self perception of themselves when they see themselves on the walls of their family home. I want you to remember the unique & wonderful connections you have with each of your children. Remember who they are now and let them dream of who they will become in the future.

We take the time to get to know your child and a sense of what's important to them now. We listen to what makes them tick and create beautiful artworks which speak to who they are now. Our purpose is to make images not only you will love and cherish, but which will evoke a sense of pride, confidence and love in your children too. This is imperatively important to us in the creative work that we do. 

Can we have different clothing outfits worn during the photoshoot?

Yes, there can be changes in clothing outfits and styles. This would give a wider variety of looks and greater choice options in the photographs created. Clothing changes do take time so it will lessen the actual time available for photographing. We recommend clothing changes are limited to 3 per photoshoot. Clothing changes at the studio are easy as we have a changing area. If we are on location changes will need to be done in the nearest secluded spot to ensure the quick continuation of  the photo session.

What time are your photography sessions?

Studio sessions are available to book during the day and on some evenings.

The best time for outdoor portrait sessions is in the 'golden hour' which is in the last hour before sunset. The time of the year will depend on what time portrait sessions will be done. If you have little ones, the best time is when day light savings has changed and sunset is earlier in the evening. Autumn, Winter and early Spring sessions range between 4pm and 6pm. Sessions in summer range between 7pm and 9pm.


What if the weather is bad?

We keep a close eye on the weather and most of the time sessions will go ahead and have weather which works beautifully. If your session falls on a day with terrible weather, we will be in touch and can reschedule to another date.

These artworks will become the most precious objects you and your children own. Let them see themselves through your eyes and discover how precious and beautiful they are in this world. They are your legacy. 

Don't let this amazing transitional time slip away. Let's do this now!

Client Reviews - 

"Maria has been photographing my family for last 8 years. I found her to be very professional, and delivered what she promised. I'm still amazed at how beautiful the photos are. I will be continuing to use Maria for my family photo through the coming years. Highly recommend".

- Stephan Klopper

"Maria was amazing! She captured the essence of my children and our relationship on camera. She is calm and exudes control; a true artisan. We treasure her photographs every day".

- Lucy Mackie

Session fee: $150


  • Pre-photoshoot questionnaire and consultation session in person or on the phone

  • Creativity, vision & expertise by an award winning photographer

  • Studio or location photography session -  45mins to 1 hour - includes styling/outfit changes 

  • Gentle guidance on positioning and posing throughout the session

  • Professional editing and post production processes applied to your artworks.

  • In person viewing, design and purchasing session of your Artworks

  • Complimentary personal delivery of your finished Artworks (Christchurch area) if required

  • Plus a complimentary gift size 5x7inch matted art print from your photography session to get you started on your  beautiful collection of images 

      **Everyday value $300

         - Printed Artwork products from your session start at $150

           - Groups larger than 6 are an additional $10 per person.

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