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Remember the little kicks, the night time wriggles, the excitement and the anticipation with maternity photography. Treasure this miracle moment of life & love. Honour the first chapter in your child’s story and your journey as a mother. The feeling of becoming a mother for the first time is so special, a major milestone and event in your life. So many times, I have heard mothers wishing they had taken the opportunity to have beautiful images taken of themselves at this unique life changing moment.




Maria bring's a perfect fusion of creative artistry and experience to the beautiful maternity artworks she creates for her expecting mothers and family members. These become cherished artworks which her clients value and love forever. Having been through two pregnancies herself, Maria strives to create a comfortable and relaxed photo session for you so your experience is a fun, relaxed and memorable one.


Who can I include in my photo-session?

Maternity sessions often include other family members too. Partners, siblings, children and grandparents can all be included in maternity photography sessions. 

When is the best time to have a pregnancy photoshoot?

The best timing to book your pregnancy photography session is when you are between 32 and 35 weeks, however this can vary for different women depending on individual development and mobility in your pregnancy.  

I'm unsure whether I want a studio or outdoor photo-session?

We can create both studio and outdoor location pregnancy photography in Christchurch and surrounding areas. Choose either the classic clean fine art style created in the studio or the celebration of nature and her colours and textures in an outdoor location.


STUDIOWe have a beautiful private studio located in the west of Christchurch where you can relax and enjoy the experience in one spot. The studio is a safe environment which is warm in winter and cool in summer for your families comfort. Maternity clothing changes and a variety of different style options in your images is easy with studio sessions. We also have a selection of dresses at the studio which can be worn for your photography session. We can arrange a time for you to come along and have a look through these or see the options online.

LOCATION - There are many gorgeous places in and around Christchurch which work beautifully for maternity portraits. Popular locations are the many Christchurch parks and garden areas which change colours with the seasons, the open space of beach with the water and the dunes,  the long grasses and views of the Port Hills, the soft willows and ruggard textures of the Canterbury rivers. Family farms can be a favourite with the textures of old sheds, fences, fields and the sense of place and history for generations. If this interests you, we can have a chat and talk about a location which best represents you and your future with your new baby.  

What times of the day can I book a photography session?

Studio sessions are available to book during the day on weekdays and on some evenings. Weekend sessions are available every second weekend. 

The best time for outdoor portrait sessions is in the 'golden hour' which is in the last hour before sunset. The time of the year will depend on what time portrait sessions will be done. If you have little ones, the best time is when day light savings has changed and sunset is earlier in the evening. Autumn, Winter and early Spring sessions range between 4pm and 6pm. Sessions in summer range between 7pm and 9pm.


What if the weather is not great?

We keep a close eye on the weather and most of the time sessions will go ahead and have weather which works beautifully. If your session falls on a day with terrible weather, we will be in touch and can reschedule to another date.

Photographs take you back in time and let you relive those precious moments again and again. They will forever tell your story. 

Don’t miss this beautiful experience.  Contact me and let’s chat about your ideas.

I'd love to talk to you about your ideas and what you would love to have created in your special session whether it be in the studio or at a location.

Your  Maternity Photography session 

Session fee: $150


  • Pre-photoshoot questionaire and consultation session in person or on the phone

  • Creativity, vision & expertise by an award winning photographer

  • Studio or location photography session - up to 1 hour- includes styling/outfit changes 

  • Gentle guidance on positioning and posing throughout the session

  • Professional standard level editing and post production processes applied to your artworks. 

  • In person viewing, design and purchasing appointment of your images


     - Printed Artwork products -  start at $350

     - Digital Images are not included in the session fee. Digital collections start at $1395


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