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Every moment counts when you have a new little baby bundle join your family. This precious time races by in a blur of feeding, nappy changes, washing and hopefully some sleep. A beautiful relaxed photography experience in either our studio or in your home ensures you and your family will remember the joy and awe of this time forever. This is the beginning of your journey as a parent and the beginning of a bond you will have with your new child which will be unbreakable. New experiences and 'firsts' for you and your baby will become the highlights of your journey together. Throughout your child's life they will see in these beautiful images and feel how much they were cherished and loved as a new baby and exactly why they were brought into the loving arms of your family.  




Our family newborn photography sessions are super relaxed and have more of a realistic lifestyle vibe rather than a perfectly posed with props style. With us you don't need to worry if your little angel doesn't sleep, this is not a problem for creating our style of beautiful newborn family artworks. We use natural light for these sessions, either in your home or at the studio, which makes your babies first photoshoot experience comfortable if they are awake throughout the session. We strive to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for you and your baby during your newborn photo shoot session so your experience is positive, fun and memorable for all the right reasons. The images we create  become cherished printed artworks which clients value and adore forever. 


What is the best age for my baby to do a newborn photoshoot?

Traditionally newborn photoshoots are done when baby is under two weeks old. This is because they are still very sleepy and not as alert so they are easier to pose in the sleeping newborn styles and change props and wraps.  However, because we have a more relaxed lifestyle style of newborn photography, we are not so reliant of babies being asleep for their photoshoot. We still recommend around 10days to two weeks but we also book newborn photoshoots when babies are up to 7 weeks old.  


Who can I include in my photo-session?

Newborn photo sessions often include other family members too. Partners, siblings, children and grandparents can all be included in newborn photography sessions. Please note: there is an extra charge per person for groups of more than six people.

I'm unsure whether I want a studio or at home photo-session?

We can create both studio or at your home newborn photography in Christchurch and surrounding areas. 


STUDIOWe have a beautiful private studio located in the west of Christchurch where you can relax and enjoy the experience in one spot. Newborn photo sessions in our studio are set up with a white background and natural colour tones bed and pillows for you and baby to sit on, as well as light backgrounds for standing photographs. Images in the studio are a clean and light toned style. We do have alternative styles and colour options we can create if requested. Just ask if you have something in mind. 

YOUR HOME - Images created in your home will show more of a natural environment and be more personal with your own furniture and items. Babies room, your bedroom, the lounge and other spaces can be used for images  - if the light is right. Some people would want to tidy up for this photo session and others will want it to look as natural as possible, piles of washing included. We would have a discussion about which rooms can be used. We just go with the flow and take the lead from you about what you want included in your photographs.  

What times of the day can I book a photography session?

Studio sessions are available to book during the day on weekdays and every second weekend. Newborn photo sessions at your home are best done in the 'golden hour' which is in the last hour before sunset. The time of the year will depend on what time portrait sessions can be booked.  If you have other little ones, this is a consideration for their routines, such as bedtimes.  

Can we bring our pet to the Newborn family photoshoot?

We love animals and we understand pets are an important part of your family. However, it is a risk having animals such as dogs and cats close to newborn babies because of their unpredictable nature, especially if they are in an unfamiliar environment and a little anxious about the different situation. For this reason, we don't recommend your bring your dog or cat to the studio for a newborn photoshoot. If we are photographing at your home, this is your choice whether you have your pets close to your newborn and involved in the session.  

Your  Newborn Photography session 

Session fee: $150


  • Pre-photoshoot questionaire and consultation session in person or on the phone

  • Creativity, vision & expertise by an award winning photographer

  • Studio or at your home photography session - 1 to 2.5 hours- includes styling/outfit changes 

  • Gentle guidance on positioning and posing throughout the session

  • Professional editing and post production processes applied to your artworks.

  • In person viewing, design and purchasing session of your Artworks

  • Complimentary personal delivery of your finished Artworks (Christchurch area) if required

  • Plus a complimentary gift size 5x7inch matted art print from your photography session to get you started on your  beautiful collection of images 

      **Everyday value $300

     - All Printed Artwork products or digital images from your session start at $150

      - Groups larger than 6 are an additional $10 per person.

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